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From Norway to North Dakota and all points beyond…….

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Fred and Marie Dyste in New Zealand! This was taken at Pancake Rocks on the West Coast of the South Island. (November 2003)


Velkommen to The Dyste Family Web Page!

Hello my name is Frederick Howard (Hovarth) Maurice (Mauritz) Dyste and I am a Norwegian-American from the Central Coast of California…


Most Dystes have ancestors that emigrated from Dystegaard in Kolbu, Toten, Norway. Dystes have a long history in Norway, a history that has been well researched. There are some with variations of the name, the most common being Dysthe.


I want to encourage anyone with Dyste in their ancestry to provide information about how you are related and any digital media that can be included on the site. I will be scanning my photos from my pilgrimage to the farm and adding links to other Dyste sites and information.


This site has been created to be a digital history of the Dyste Family in Norway, the United States, and all corners of the world.

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In Kauai

Fred and Marie overlooking Wiamea Canyon in Kauai , last trip without a baby! Marie is 6-months pregnant. (March 2005)

This is the Little Princess, she came into our lives on June 28th, 2005. Healthy and happy and a bundle of joy.

Here she is in Daddy’s favorite hat at the age of 7-months. A very happy baby indeed.